Meet Doctor

Hailing from a highly accomplished family whose members are all professionals working in various medical capacities, Dr. Cecilia M. Rey is carrying on a strong tradition by providing her patients a wide range of cutting-edge dental services.

While she’s been a practicing dentist in South Florida since 1998, Dr. Cecilia M. Rey opened her own Miami private practice in 2006. She received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) in General Practice from the highly regarded New York University Dental School in 1996, did her residency at the Woodhull Medical & Mental Health Center in New York and went on to provide her expert services at Jefferson Reaves Sr. Health Center and the Dade County Dental Research Clinic. In both places, she served as Clinical Director providing direct dental services to the less fortunate population.

In addition, Dr. Rey constantly keeps up with continuing education in order to both maintain her professional credentials and remain on the cutting-edge of dentistry and related services. Dr. Rey’s organizational memberships include the ADA (American Dental Association), Ceola-Helo Dental Association, and L.A.O.D.I. Dental Association.

Message from Dr. Cecilia M. Rey:

I want to welcome you personally to my Web site and to let you know that I appreciate your valued role as a patient in our Miami dental practice. I am pleased to provide my patients with outstanding dental and related services and expect that you are pleased with every aspect of what my staff and I do and how we do it. Naturally, we always invite your suggestions and comments to help me improve my practice in every way possible. I also invite referrals from our patients – because positive word of mouth is our best recommendation. Please contact my office for details about my new referral program today!

With warmest regards,

Dr. Cecilia M. Rey